Well-organized Server Rack Setup for Efficient Outcomes!

Alvarez Tech Consulting is a professional agency that provides its clients with the ultimate assistance in constructing a high-quality, credible network rack setup for the servers.
Our uniquely crafted server rack setups are not only reliable to place your servers, but they also provide extreme convenience when it comes to transporting them.
The racks are designed with delicacy and expertise for the electricity output to feed the servers. Not just that, Alvarez Tech Consulting also ensures to determine and install the servers on the rack with utmost care. Your satisfaction is the one thing we genuinely care about!

Servers Before build

Servers After build

Best IT infrastructure services in San Jose

With an aim to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and make your life easier, Alvarez Tech Consulting offers you reliable IT infrastructure cabling services. We value your investment and ensure to hand over the promising outcomes. Whether you need the cables like Cat6 or Fiber to be running through the walls or attics, Alvarez Tech Consulting provides the solution for everything.

Apart from IT infrastructure cabling and network repairing services, our collaboration with the internet providers helps you get the highest speed that is maintained throughout. We also protect your cables by setting up a conduit and keeping them safe from unfriendly environments.

Infrastructure Cabling Before Integration

Infrastructure Cabling After Integration


Larkspur Before

Larkspur After