Workstation Setup Made Simpler & Easier!

Alvarez Tech Consulting is one of the industry’s leading ergonomic workspace setup providers to help set up your workstation in the easiest and trouble-free way possible. Our techniques are unique and provide maximum assistance for ergonomic workstation setup at home.

Our best home workstation setup services are unmatched and deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, we also cater to the client’s many other needs, including upgrading their existing desktop computer, Hard Drive, and RAM, voice over ip services, point of sale I.T services, internet redundancy solutions, network upgrade services, and troubleshoot IT related issues. Alvarez Tech Consulting also offers their consultation when building a workstation that is far less expensive than a gaming PC.

We offer the best workstation set up services with the determination to make your workstation work exceptionally well for you. Our services don’t cease to surprise you yet, as we also help our clients by converting their laptops into a workstation through a compatible docking station. Through our brilliant docking station, we enable our clients to connect more devices to their work station set up like monitors, external drives, external keyboard, and mouse.

Workstation Before build

Workstation After build

Point Of Sale