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Why load your family up in the car, wait in line and deal with noisy crowds to choose from a handful of movies at the cinema? Especially when you could gather together in the comfort of your home to watch anything you want. Enjoy all the perks of going to the movies without any of the drawbacks when you get a home theater system in your San Jose, CA house.

Alvarez Tech Consulting LLC provides home theater system services in San Jose, CA. You can trust us to design and install your system, including configuration and setup. Start the design process today by calling 916-837-9496.

We'll handle everything

Our comprehensive home theater system installations cover everything. You can turn to Alvarez Tech Consulting LLC for...

  • TV mounting services
  • TV setup and configuration services
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • App setup
  • Sound system setup
  • Home theater PC design and installation

Treat your family to a home theater system. Contact our team today.