Set Your Space Up for High-Speed Internet

Schedule low voltage cabling services in Reseda or Los Angeles, CA

Did you know that outdated cables can reduce internet speeds? Fiber-optic and Cat6 cables are designed for high-speed internet, so you'll need them to stream movies, communicate with coworkers and access online content. Alvarez Tech Consulting LLC can modernize your home or place of business in Reseda or Los Angeles, CA by providing low voltage cabling services.

We understand how important it is to have low voltage cabling. Our installation technicians will go the extra mile to set up your home or commercial facility with high-speed internet cables.

We can also expand existing networks. Call 916-837-9496 now to learn more.

Look no further for a reliable contractor, we are also a state license contactor!

You can count on our low voltage cabling installation technicians to...

  • Be flexible with scheduling, to minimize the inconvenience to your employees or contractors
  • Install fiber-optic or Cat6 cables properly, to accommodate high-speed internet
  • Install conduits, to run cables along walls or suspend them from ceilings

Contact us today to arrange for low voltage cable installation services in Reseda or Los Angeles, CA.